• Chelmsford TONIGHT

    featuring Sarah Evans, Maya Aggarwal, Lexy Lattimore, and Lisa Marrone

  • McCarthy 8th Grade Awards

    Learn about 

  • Library Hour

    Freshly uploaded lectures and presentations from your local library!

  • Who is MS?

    A documentary by Rick Conti

  • My Body My Choice

    Chelmsford residents protest on the Town Common.

  • Community Band

    Independence Day Concert on the Common

  • July 4th Parade and Road Race

    Our Town Tradition is Back!

  • Candidate Forum

    14th Middlesex District State Rep Primary Candidates

  • Juneteenth Celebration

    On the Common June 18, 2022


Chelmsford TeleMedia brings our community together through media. We broadcast, record and archive almost every municipal meeting. We bring you school sports, concerts, and other educational programs. We teach video production and media literacy to middle and high school students. And, we help anyone freely express themself by creating their own video programming. In short, we give voice to the Chelmsford community. Contact us if you're interested: 978 251-5143 or info@chelmsfordtv.org.

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