• It's Virtually Awesome!

    CPS's 2021 Spring Celebration of the Arts
  • CHS Graduation 2021

  • Parker Memorial Day 2021

  • Chelmsford's Memorial Day, 2021

  • The Q

    L'Hussier Insurance Agency

  • Lions Pride

    CHS Students of the Month for April, 2021

  • Chasing the Facts

    Notable Chelmsfordians (and others) interviewed by Sam Chase


Chelmsford TeleMedia brings our community together through media. We broadcast, record and archive almost every municipal meeting. We bring you school sports, concerts, and other educational programs. We teach video production and media literacy to middle and high school students. And, we help anyone freely express themself by creating their own video programming. In short, we give voice to the Chelmsford community. Contact us if you're interested: 978 251-5143 or info@chelmsfordtv.org.

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