Your TV Station – for Chelmsford, by Chelmsford.

About FINAL 2

Chelmsford TeleMedia helps keep our community connected. We broadcast, record and archive almost every municipal meeting. We teach students media literacy and production – and bring you school sports, concerts and more. We help any member of the community freely express themselves by creating their own video programming. In short, we give voice to the Chelmsford community.



Create your own show. Be part of a production crew. Edit video. Work with the archives. Any Chelmsford resident can do it, and we'll show you how. Seniors even qualify for a tax credit. Contact us at 978 251-5143 or



Come visit for a studio tour. We love showing folks around, and it's the best way to understand how you can get involved.

Our main studio is in Parker Middle School, 75 Graniteville Road in Chelmsford. Just call ahead at 978 251-5143. We're open M - F, 10:00am to 7:00pm and other times by prior arrangement.



No tax dollars are used to fund Chelmsford TeleMedia. Our funding is made possible by Chelmsford residents who subscribe to Comcast or Verizon TV. These subscribers pay a 4.5% fee on the TV portion of their monthly bills. These fees comprise a municipal enterprise fund whose sole purpose is to fund Chelmsford TeleMedia. This funding mechanism is made possible by The Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 and MA General Law SEC 53 1/2 and 3/4.

You can read our current operating contracts here:

      • Comcast (Expires, April 2024)
      • Verizon (Expires, April 2024)


Only Chelmsford residents – or those who own a business or work in Chelmsford – can take advantage of Chelmsford TeleMedia's video production and distribution services. If one wishes to create programming using our resources, or to sponsor content that originates outside of Chelmsford, they must abide by a standard Sponsorship and Compliance Agreement, which you can find here:

      • Sponsorship & Compliance Agreement



Chelmsford TeleMedia's studio and field equipment belong to the community. We encourage you to take full advantage of them. In order to create a fair, open and welcoming environment, we ask our community to abide by these simple rules:

      • Chelmsford TeleMedia's facilities and equipment are for the sole use of Chelmsford residents and those who own a business or work in Chelmsford. These facilities and equipment can only be used to create programming to be aired in the community interest.

      • Chelmsford TeleMedia's equipment and resources cannot be used for commercial purposes – unless rental fees are paid according to prior contractual agreement.

      • Adults using our Parker School studio during school hours must complete a CORI background check. This is required by Chelmsford Public Schools.

     • Equipment taken out for use in the field must be treated with the utmost care and returned in proper working condition.

     • To ensure fairness to all users, Chelmsford TeleMedia's cable channels, on line channels, and social media accounts are managed and operated by CTM.