CHS Video - Past and Present



The CHSAA YouTube Channel

A treasure trove of historical CHS videos like sports, news, commencement ceremonies, and a whole lot more. Plus, the ongoing series, CHS Alumni Talk: Where Are the Now? and other, current CHSAA shenanigans.



This project is the brainchild and labor of love of CTM Volunteer par excellence, Bob Pariseau, CHS '64.

Before Bob, most of these historic CHS videos existed only in people's memories or on tape - old, cranky, crumbling tapes. (Kinda like Bob, himself!) Then Bob dusted 'em off, digitized 'em and posted 'em on their very own YouTube channel for all to see. If your school spirit has never left you, these videos will make your heart sing Chelmsford High!... Chelmsford High!... We will fight unto victory...!

Visit The CHSAA YouTube Channel here.

If you're a CHS Alum – or anyone else interested in helping Bob – send him a note at