Let the Children Guard What the Sires Have Won


The Government Archive Project involves digitizing Chelmsford government and community TV video recordings and making them accessible to the public on the web. Since 2015, volunteers Amy Totten and Connie Silvia have been carrying out staff member Villu Tari and others’ vision to archive and preserve Chelmsford’s history. At least, history as it appears on video tape. Lately, we’ve had the invaluable help of Sierra Wheaton, who's adding meeting minutes and agendas to the online collection of recordings. But, this project isn’t just a window into your town’s past – these meetings also offer valuable information about the issues facing Chelmsford today – and in the future.

Visit the Chelmsford Government Archives here.

Once all historical meetings are archived, we plan to digitize and archive past community shows like Town Talk, The Hot Seat, North of 95 and more. Stay tuned!

To volunteer and be a part of this forward-thinking project, call 978-251-5143 or email