Team 6-2

Check out last year's full-length final project created by Team 6-2, the students of Mrs. Martin and Mr. Felzani's classes at McCarthy Middle School. It's not only educational and informative, it's fun!



For the last 18 years, Mrs. Martin and Mr. Felzani's classes, or Team 6-2, have incorporated hands-on TV production into their curriculum. With the help of Chelmsford TeleMedia, each spring the students visit CTM's professional studio to see how it works. Over the next few weeks, they write, shoot and edit their own video projects – called "remotes." Back at the studio, some students operate cameras, others are "on air" talent, and others work the control room directing, operating the switcher or audio board. Together, they work to incorporate their studio segments and remotes into a full-length news broadcast. Many students get bitten by the TV bug and join CHSTv at Chelmsford High School.